Thank you Venture Kick

Posted by admin on February 10, 2013
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Good news everyone!

Karios Games, my personal-project-to-become-a-company-very-soon is accelerating its growth. I’ve recently pitched in front of a jury and will be receiving my first “kick” from Venture Kick in Switzerland. Venture Kick is a non profit organization that helps young entrepreneurs get off the ground in Switzerland. All one needs is a good idea and some pitching skills (and some luck I guess). I have had more than a good idea, since I’ve launched a lot of games as you know already in 5 different platforms (facebook, chrome store, windows phone, ios and windows 8) and I got lucky, since I was chosen to receive the first “kick”, namely a small grant from the organization.


Things are starting to pick up from there and I will be doing my best to organize Karios Games into an awesome games making machine, like I always wanted it to be. I will not be hiring just yet, but since I am working on it full time now, I expect to be doing that also soon.

As always, there are a few games in the pipeline already, small and bigger projects, and I will be announcing new stuff when the time is right. Until then, patience!

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