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App Hub statistics bug

Posted by admin on January 11, 2012
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Happy new year everybody!

Downloads for my apps and games seemed to spike in the beginning of the year, only to be followed by a bug that dropped the elevated number to zero. I am pretty sure it is a bug:)

MonsterUp featured in biggest markets

Posted by admin on January 03, 2012
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Today MonsterUp and MonsterUp lite are featured in the biggest available Marketplaces for Windows Phone 7. And we mean the biggest, with more than 1,3 billion people in them. New Zealand, India, Hong Kong SAR and the USA all saw MonsterUp in their Featured Games lists. Not bad, especially with the big sequel in development!

So enjoy the little monsters of MonsterUp 1,3 billion people! You know you want too, and you know you can’t resist even more now with the reduced price!