Should Tetrada come back to the Marketplace?

Posted by admin on January 12, 2012
Development, Games, Windows Phone

I have been looking around and was surprised by how many Tetris clones are in the Marketplace these days. Most of them did not even bother to find a new name for their game, and some of them also copied the trademarks, the logo AND the music from Tetris (like this guy). The list of games that are named Tetris or something similar on the WP7 Marketplace is really long! Tetris, Tetris7, e-Tetris, Tetris, Sexy Tetris, BailinTetris, Tetris7 (another), SuperTetris, Tetris, Tetris, Tetris+, Tetris, TetriX, Sketris, AccelTetris, SirTet, Tetris and I am not even mentioning the Tetris games that are not named Tetris. Of course the Tetris gameplay is not patentable so good for them, but the name Tetris is copyrighted as is the logo and use of the Russian music piece for video games.

The question is, since all these guys are in the marketplace, why is not Tetrada? It was a conscious decision to pull Tetrada when I did, but I was thinking if I should change a few things and re-release it as an update to the original App, which would give the new version for free to the people that bought it in the first place.

What are your thoughs on that?



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