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2012 – The Nokia Windows Phone year

Posted by admin on January 25, 2012
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Nokia Windows Phones have been around for no more than a few months. There are markets that have just started to see Nokia WP handsets, while the first up-to-par handset (the Lumia 900) is yet to be on the shelves.

Nokia is well known for its capacity to provide good quality handsets and the know-how of promoting them. So how are the first handsets accepted by the people? While we don’t have any concrete numbers for the sales (there are rumors that Nokia has shipped – not sold – about 1.5 million Lumias so far) we do have some usage information from MonsterUp and Galaxium for you, just to get a feel of what is going on.

Below, you can see two pie charts. One is the overall percentage of manufacturers since the beginning (which is January 2011 for MonsterUp and July 2011 for Galaxium). The second one is the percentage since 1/1/2012, so a little less than one month. I think the trends show up quite nicely. HTC is still the dominant Windows Phone manufacturer with Samsung taking the second place. LG seems to be losing the 3rd place to Nokia, at least with our data. Also, notice that all manufacturers are losing percentages apart from Nokia who has increased its percentage. Of course, we are comparing apples with oranges here, but I think this trend will continue.

(click on charts for bigger versions)
By the way, as a side note, we have seen out first ZTE device playing our games (not included in the data above)!

MonsterUp Lite is now live (or should be in a few hours)

Posted by admin on January 24, 2012
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As promised, the new version of MonsterUp Lite, while still free of charge, will allow unlimited gameplay with Rhin-O in the Countryside. Of course, Rhin-O does not have any special powers and you are still not allowed to post your high scores to VortexLink, but you still have the (really cheap nowadays) full version of MonsterUp as well.

By the way, the next update of both MonsterUp and MonsterUp lite is going to be awesome. After one year, we discovered a fundamental issue with the game that we never noticed before.

MonsterUp Lite – proper version released

Posted by admin on January 21, 2012
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Over the past couple of months, MonsterUp Lite has been downloaded more than 10.000 times and many people were disappointed to find out that it was more like a Trial version, limiting your playtime just to test the game for a few minutes.
We never want to disappoint our fellow gamers, so we decided to upgrade MonsterUp Lite to a proper Lite version.
The new version, which will be automatically be provided as an update to everyone who has already downloaded MonsterUp Lite, will provide unlimited gameplay with Rhin-O, our green monster in his home land, Trello Land’s Countryside. Play as much as you like and save your high scores to compete with your friends.
The full version of MonsterUp is always available of course, if you want to use online scoreboards (through VortexLink), all our different Monsters with their unique and fun special abilities and all our different background themes.
The trial version can be downloaded here for free (the new version will be available in a few days):
while our full version with all the goodies mentioned above inside can be had for only $1.29 (or the equivalent in your country) here (available now):