PubCenter eCPM really bad lately

Posted by admin on November 11, 2012
Development, Games, Windows Phone

Some of my games, like Galaxium Free and MonsterUp Lite, use Microsoft’s pubcenter in order to remain free. Problem is that the eCPM (total earnings/impressions x 1000) is really bad during the past few months. More specifically, for the months of September and October for all my ad-based apps impressions increased by a factor of 15%, my revenue decreased by 34%. This really sucks of course, since I am putting considerable effort on increasing my user base and keeping them happy with constant updates and the like. Also, new devices and Windows Phone 8 launch is still going to increase people playing the games, but Microsoft is not making it easier. I know that eCPM is unpredictable but lately it is really low for Microsoft. I’ve looked around and didn’t really find anything better for XNA Windows Phone games. I am already using Adduplex for my backup service, but there is no revenue there although it’s a really nice backup system, so my impressions don’t go to waste in countries where Pubcenter does not show ads. Nokia has released an Ad Exchange program that looks really nice, but I am pretty sure they don’t support XNA. So, any ideas out there?




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