Windows Phone 7 Manufacturers (updated)

Posted by admin on December 28, 2011
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So happy birthday Windows Phone and all that. It’s been most than one year for Windows Phone and still not many people have it. Recent estimation speak of a 2% market share which is, at least, a pity for such a wonderful mobile OS. Windows Phone has the highest satisfaction rate and lowest return rate out there, does not suffer from fragmentation like Android does, provide variety by allowing many different manufacturers to focus on different aspects (some have bigger screens, some have better speakers, some have better cameras – so there is a choice even though they all run more or less the same OS). In my opinion, it provides the best of all worlds, and for the vast majority of end users, it should be the number one choice. Nokia has come in the game recently, and things look promising, but we will have to wait and see.

So what manufacturers sell most phones out there? It’s really hard to tell. We do have some data to share with you today though. During the last year, people playing Galaxium and MonsterUp (all their versions) gave us the following data for their manufacturers. Enjoy.

3 Acer
6 NA
586 FujitsuToshibaMobileCommun
1153 NOKIA
2200 DELL
42774 LG
162458 HTC

So, first of all, more than 40.000 people played our games (the data above count game runs – not unique devices). Thank you for that;) I wish this meant 40.000 sales for us, but we are giving away Galaxium Free and MonsterUp Lite so these numbers are far far from our sales. Anyway.

Second, HTC seems to be dominating the WP7 market (assuming players play our games a similar number of times), with almost double the number of the second, which is SAMSUNG. The first 3 phone manufacturers were of course the first ones to release devices to the market, so they have the lead anyway, Nokia is still behind, being brand new and all, even lower than DELL.

And if you like Pie Charts, here is one for you:

(click for a larger version)

Update: We are also including another chart for your statistics viewing pleasure. In this chart, we show how many times our games (Galaxium and MonsterUp including their free and paid versions) have been executed in each of the manufacturers. Since the original post, a new manufacturer appeared, Qualcomm. Interesting :) Also, Nokia devices have more than doubled the executions of our games.

(click for a larger version)


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