Is your app/game featured in any marketplace?

Posted by admin on October 06, 2011
Apps, Development, Windows Phone

WP7 Featured List is a small utility I created to satisfy my need to know if any of my apps and/or games were featured in any Windows Phone 7 marketplace.

Since Microsoft introduced web marketplaces for Windows Phone 7 it made it easy for developers and users alike to see what apps and/or games were featured in which marketplace. Checking your apps and/or games against all marketplaces though is still a time consuming task so I created this utility to do gather all this information with a single click.

This is a free tool and you can download version 1 here (you need .NET 4 to run this):

Download link (v.1.0)

Download link (v.1.1) (Fixed Denmark link)

Download link (v.1.2) (Fixed Microsoft Changes to webpage that broke previous versions)

Download link (v.1.3) (Fixed missing entries bugs)


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