Galaxium v1.3 submitted

Posted by admin on July 06, 2011
Development, Games, Windows Phone

Update: Both versions are in the Marketplace already.

This has most of the things you guys asked for! Let me know if I forgot anything, so that I can include it in the next update!

I hope this update makes many people happy:) Here is the changelog:

-Added a proper storyline
-Fixed blueprint screen alignment
-Fixed in-game phone call pause bug
-Tweaked propulsion fire effects
-Tweaked missile launching system
-Fixed support email system subject
-Tweaked collision detection
-Added resume function to last cleared wave
-Disabled upgrade when already at maximum
-Faster loading
-Changed enemy bullet graphic to make it a little more visible
-Many small tweaks and fixes

Look for it in the Marketplace in a few days’ time!

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