New game announced – Galaxium

Posted by admin on June 01, 2011
Development, Games, Windows Phone

We are announcing our new game, which will be available in the Marketplace before the end of June.

Its name is Galaxium and it is a traditional space shoot em up. It will be quick and easy to learn and play, it will feature our signature tight gameplay, many powerups, multiple opponents, epic space battles, and it will be released for free. That’s right, our first free ad-supported game is almost out there.

There will also be an ad-free version available for $0.99. We try to follow many traditional shoot em up recipes and added just enough to make the game fun to play. The game will also follow the same beat-the-highscore mentality of MonsterUp providing unlimited gameplay with ever-increasing difficulty. VertexLink will also be present, allowing online scoreboards for you to prove your Galaxium superiority to your friends (and enemies).

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