MonsterUp v.1.9 submitted – update

Posted by admin on April 15, 2011
Development, Games, Windows Phone

Update: We’ve discovered some things we would like to add before we release this version, so we will postpone if a few days. More specifically, there is a bug (feature according to Microsoft) that may stop the music repeating in NoDo updated devices. Also, since more than a few people seem to struggle with concrete platforms, we will try to help you a little bit with that:)

Available in a few days. As always. Enjoy!


  • Reduced special power recharge time by 25%
  • Keras now uses his power automatically if needed and available
  • Ability to see when high scores were achieved (which were achieved last month, last week or last day)
  • Small tweaks here and there
  • Music not repeating in NoDo devices fixed
  • Concrete platforms now break when hit once.
  • Concrete platforms deployment algorithm was tweaked to ease things.
  • Fixed a few VortexLink bugs
  • Fixed Game Over screen skipping

Also, don’t forget that MonsterUp weekend sale starts tonight, at 00:00am CET!


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