Last day to vote MonsterUp as your favorite January 2011 game!

Posted by karios on February 09, 2011
Development, Games, Windows Phone

Tomorrow is the last day to vote for MonsterUp.

Let’s vote it to first place! Doing so is easy and just 3 clicks away. Go to , click on MonsterUp in the list and then click on Vote. Easy?

Thank you everyone for your support and we hope you enjoy the new update (1.4) which has been submitted today and should be in your phones in a few days! By the way, here is the changelog for this version:

-Introduction of Vortexlink 1.0 with Online scoreboards
-Added new platform (concrete)
-Increased background scrolling speed by 20%
-Increased invincibility bonus time by 60%
-Removed special power button from Rhin-O
-Fixed bug with accented characters in high scores
-Tweaked instructions text
-Tweaked buttons text
-Unique voices for each monster
-Fixed platform invisibility


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