Monster Up – First review quotes are in – update

Posted by karios on January 07, 2011
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Update – We are in the top 100 paid games (of ALL categories) in 8 markets: Germany (55), Mexico (63), France (66), Great Britain (76), US (84), Switzerland (84), Italy (93), Austria (94)

Just 3 days after launch, MonsterUp is soaring high on many of the marketplaces, and we couldn’t be happier. For example, on the Action Games category of the Swiss Market, Monster Up is on number 20 13 while on ALL paid apps (not just games) in Germany it is on place 226 (out of more than 4000). At this point, we would like to share with you some of the kind words people have told us, through reviews on the marketplace and through emails:

Best jumper I have seen yet :-P” – user rjTheShark on the US marketplace (10/10)
Best jumping platform game in the marketplace! The music, the art, the controls are just perfect!!! (…) this game is not far from being better than doodle jump!! ” – user BisshMal on the US marketplace (8/10)
Most entertaining” – user sebascorral on the Spanish marketplace (8/10)
Best bounce a thing up platform game on here. Nice graphics, great presentation. More thought gone into this than most other clones.” – user SuperDingleberg on the GB marketplace (10/10)
this is the best platform jumping game i’ve played and is way better that doodle jump, birdy bounce, omni jump…” – user dlmg11 on the US marketplace (10/10)

It totally destroys DoodleJump (is that what it’s called?) on iPhone; so good work” – James from the UK

More info on ratings here and reviews here.

Overall, the game is rated at 8.4/10 8.7/10 on all markets right now, so we would like to thank everyone for their support and we promise to keep you entertained with future updates, additional free stuff, monsters, themes, online scoreboards etc to thank you with more than words.

Until then, get those little Monsters even higher than before!


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