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MonsterUp 1.3 is published

Posted by karios on January 28, 2011
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…and is now in the marketplace for everyone to enjoy:) It may take a couple of hours for the update to reach your specific marketplace, but it has been approved so it’s on its way!


MonsterUp v.1.3 submitted

Posted by karios on January 25, 2011
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We’ve decided to submit the updates we plan to deliver in small pieces instead of one big update like we announced earlier. So all the updates will be delivered until the end of February.

A version any of you have been waiting for. Why? Because we are introducing special super-duper unique powers for each monster. We are not going to reveal what they are, since this is up to you to discover, but gone are they days where the monsters were just new skins with nothing new to contribute to the game itself. In order to use each monster’s special power, just tap on the Special Power button. If you want to use it again, wait for it to recharge first. Simple, but can be life saving at times!

The changelog for version 1.3 reads:

-Added Unique Monster Powers
-Fixed items collision detection
-Optimized performance
-Tweaked background graphics for better visibility
-Tweaked death sequence
-Tweaked particle system
-Added local scoreboard
-Fixed high score name cancel crash bug
-Fixed various small bugs


A small update on what we are working on – update

Posted by karios on January 22, 2011
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We’ve been running a campaign to learn from you guys, our beloved gamers, what you want most on the next version of our games. It’s always good to hear constructive criticism, and we are hear to listen to you!
For Tetrada, a big complain about the previous version was the lack of a decent touch control system. In version 1.4 we introduced Gestures A and Gestures B, so you can find the one you like. We’ve also introduced some more eye candy for you to enjoy. The next version of Tetrada will be receive a complete visual makeover, as well as get a couple of interesting gameplay enhancements. Release date is TBD.

Tetrada 1.4 is available on the Marketplace today!

For MonsterUp people wanted many things to be added and a few to be fixed. The things you wanted the most were:
-Monsters to have unique abilities.
This was a big request, since it seemed that collecting new monsters that did nothing new was like collecting skins: fun for collectors but not very motivating. In the next version we will introduce a special skill for every monster that will spice up your game play in various ways. What kind of skills? Well you will have to wait and see!
-High scores scoreboard
For the next version we will be introducing a first step, which is local scoreboards
-Bug fixes
As always, we are hunting down and killing little or no-so-little bugs, so expect improved performance across the board.

Version 1.3 of MonsterUp will be released towards the end of February, so stay tuned! – update: see next post, since we decided to start giving stuff right now!

Finally, we are working on our new game, let’s call it Project P for now, which will be a unique and original game, never seen before on any platform. Can’t say much about it now, just letting you guys know that we are really pleased with the progress we are making on this one.