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A small update on the Amiga 1200 Gotek External Control Box

Posted by admin on January 30, 2018
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This is an update for the previous post, where I added a FlashFloppy Gotek and an external control box to control it which you can read here:

I’ve removed the initial box and replaced it with a modified 3D printed box, which allows me to fix it perfectly and firmly on top of the Amiga 1200 and also to have the OLED screen in front as well as 3 control buttons on the back (previous, select-eject, next). The modification of the 3D model was done by Tasos (thanks Tasos) to fit the buttons as well as the screen. The original box, without the holes for the buttons, was found here: The modified version can be downloaded from

It works great AND it looks great now. I think this project is complete!

Took me a couple of hours to do a proper rewiring but it works great as you can see below: