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MonsterUp Adventures Rankings

Posted by admin on July 09, 2012
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So where is MonsterUp Adventures these days? It’s higher than you think, beating many Xbox Live games in the “Platform games” category, and even reaching #1 in a couple of countries and being very frequently in positions #2 or #3.

Take a look:

[print_gllr id=724]

MonsterUp Adventures – 1 month anniversary (update)

Posted by admin on July 09, 2012
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So, MonsterUp Adventures was released more or less 1 month ago. People seem to love it so far! And we would love to release some download numbers for you guys. So, without further ado, I am in the pleasent position to announce that in this month, MonsterUp Adventure has been downloaded more than 7200 (update: it seems that my unofficial downloads were off – official downloads that are just coming in indicate that we are talking about more than 12,000 downloads in the first month!) times (and counting) and has been played more than 17000 times (update: logically, this must be more than 20,000 by now).

This is huge!

We also have received more than 190 reviews from all over the world, with an average of almost 4.7/5 (94%) which left us speechless!

Thank you everybody!

Galaxium on iOS – alpha version

Posted by admin on July 09, 2012
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Galaxium, my space shooter, is making its way to iOS, iPhone, iPod and iPad. I have an alpha version ready. What do you thnk? The video is of an iPhone 4S and was shot with a Nokia Lumia 800 is 720p. The game is not complete yet, but I quite like the results, considering it’s a direct port, using even the same codebase :) I might write a nice article about MonoGame one of these days. Until then, enjoy: