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MonsterUp Version 1.9 is now available

Posted by admin on April 22, 2011
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-Reduced special power recharge time by 25%
-Keras now uses his power automatically if needed and available
-Ability to see when high scores were achieved (which were achieved last month, last week or last day)
-Small tweaks here and there
-Music not repeating in NoDo devices fixed
-Concrete platforms now break when hit once.
-Concrete platforms deployment algorithm was tweaked to ease things.
-Fixed a few VortexLink bugs
-Fixed Game Over screen skipping

MonsterUp reviewed at

Posted by admin on April 17, 2011
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MonsterUp was reviewed at wp7connec.tom and was given an amazing 9/10 mark.

“If you like Doodle Jump or any games from that genre the you are going to love MonsterUp! You can unlock and choose up to 7 different characters and 2 different themes. The new dynamic mode is pure genius as the Monster stays in the middle of all the action(…)The visuals are sharp with tons of vivid colors and the sound lends a helping hand to make this game great. It was tough to find anything wrong with this game. (…)If you haven’t tried this game yet – then you are definitely missing out on a WP7 gem.”

Read the whole review here.


MonsterUp weekend has started!

Posted by admin on April 15, 2011
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As promised, until 23:59 Sunday night CET, MonsterUp is on sale for the lowest possible price, $0.99 instead of the normal $1.99.

The sale is now live!

Take a look what has to say about the sale. We are so touched:)

We’ve lavished plenty of praise on Karios Games’ MonsterUp in our review and coverage of its frequent updates. MonsterUp is a Doodle Jump-clone that surpasses the original in many ways. It’s also that very rare thing, a truly high-quality indie game for Windows Phone.

MonsterUp is already a great value at its standard price of $1.99. That’s why it’s exciting to announce that the game is on sale for half off this weekend, April 16-17. Grab it now and start unlocking a variety of lovable jumping monsters!