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MonsterUp v.1.7 new game mode

Posted by admin on March 18, 2011
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Version 1.7 of MonsterUp will bring a new game mode, called the Dynamic Game Mode. This mode will put the monsters, literally, in the center of the action. Take a look!

Regarding the high score tables hiccup

Posted by admin on March 16, 2011
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Yesterday there was a problem with people playing MonsterUp, which has resulted in some discomfort among them. The problem was due a small hiccup in our server, which resulted the game to try to get the online highscores all the time, which in turn resulted in lag in the game. The online problem of course did not affect gamers playing offline. We have fixed the problem and in the next update we will provide a fix that will prevent such problems from happening again, although it is unlikely that they will anyway.

Thanx for your feedback on that, and keep enjoying going up, up, up and away with those cute little monsters!

MonsterUp v.1.6 is out!

Posted by admin on March 12, 2011
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And we forgot to include the changelog in the official description:) No matter, it’s on the previous blog post anyway!

Enjoy and don’t forget to send us feedback as always to!

MonsterUp 1.6 submitted

Posted by admin on March 09, 2011
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The new version has been submitted. The highlights of this version is the long-awaited fix for the color-banding problem in some devices (the graphics are going to look even awesome-er now) and easier access to the touch controls.

Look for the update some time this week!

Complete changelog is here:

-Graphics color banding bug fixed
-Bigger in-game buttons
-In-game buttons position changed
-Small graphics tweaks
-Minor tweaks to game fonts
-Made in-game info more visible

New article about the future of MonsterUp on

Posted by admin on March 08, 2011
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Paul Acevedo from has written a very nice article about the developments and future of the MonsterUp franchise. Did I say franchise? Yes, I did because in the article you will find a nice announcement plus interesting info about the new versions of the game.

Since we reviewed MonsterUp, the awesome DoodleJump clone for Windows Phone 7, developer Karios Games has continued honing the game, pushing out two new updates. MonsterUp was already a very slick indie title, so how has it improved?

It’s always great to see a developer support and refine their games after release, and the prospect of more games with the MonsterUp characters is exciting.

Read the article here!