Windows Phone 8 is out there

Posted by admin on May 29, 2012
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And so is the truth.

I have been looking at the statistics for people playing MonsterUp and there are many interesting findings. First of all, Nokia is still dominating the current market. For 2012, the top 3 Windows Phone devices that play MonsterUp are:

Nokia Lumia 800 7079
Nokia 710 3853
Samsung Focus 3680

So Lumia 800 is the most MonsterUp’y phone out there, with double the number of sessions than the second which is … another Nokia phone. The Lumia 900 is also climbing fast with 931 sessions.
But the interesting part is not on the Nokias that we know about, but in the weird Nokia phone records that we don’t know about. I can see entries for the following Nokia phones:

NOKIA SGH-i917R 13
Nokia Fluid 8
Nokia Dogphone 2
Nokia Phi 1

As far as I know, SGH-i917R is the Samsumg Focus, so this is weird, but I don’t know what the rest are.
And it gets even better. In the OS versions list, I can see some reaaaaally cool numbers. Take a look:

8.0.9698.0 69
8.0.9697.0 35
8.0.9696.0 4
8.0.10101.0 4
8.0.9691.0 4
8.0.9695.0 2
8.0.9699.0 1

I am glad that Microsoft is using MonsterUp to test most of the builds of Windows Phone 8, I am trully honored. After all, if you don’t use the platform’s most beloved and most popular platform game, what are you going to use right? I am also betting that MonsterUp Adventures, the awesome sequel to MonsterUp, will get its share of Windows Phone 8 devices, even before the OS is released.
The latest build for Windows Phone 8 is 8.0.10101.0 right now. How close do you guys think we are to the RTM build? And which of the above Nokia devices run Windows Phone 8 already? Will we be able to run the update on our current devices?

We will know soon enough! Stay tuned!


Here are the respective screenshots for the info above:

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