MonsterUp Adventures wins 1st place – before it’s even released

Posted by admin on April 08, 2012
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MonsterUp Adventures is the upcoming sequel to out monster hit game forWindows Phone, MonsterUp. It is very close to being released, and the beta program will start some time next week. We are really confident that the game will also be a huge hit with MonsterUp fans and new users alike, and it seems like more people agree with us.
Today, MonsterUp Adventures won first place in Athens, Greece during a Microsoft-Nokia app competition(in Greek here) at Colab Workspace and the game is not even released yet.
The game will feature all the characters you know and love from MonsterUp, but they will have all new special powers that change the way you think about the game every time. The game feature a funny story mode where the lovely monsters try to save their beloved Trelloland from the evil wizard
Skotos, who threaten to cover the island in total darkness.
Expect amazing visuals from Ilias Sounas (, an original amazing soundtrack from composer Marietta Fafouti(, boss fights, achievements, online scoreboards, many many unique levels and so much more.

The monsters are back … and so is the fun!

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